Pilates in a Chair – do we get to sit down?

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Pilates in a Chair – do we get to sit down?

The short answer to the question above is Yes, we do sit down during the Chair Pilates sessions. Obviously though, we don’t sit and relax, we sit and exercise!

Chair Pilates uses the chair as a prop to further challenge and enhance the workout. A lot of the exercises will look familiar if you have already done mat or reformer pilates. They won’t, however FEEL the same. Exercising with the chair changes the levers and the effect of gravity so much that you will be surprised at how different the familiar exercises feel. So it would be a mistake to expect an easier workout with the chair.

Where the chair does make things easier is for those people who find getting onto/off the floor difficult. To me Chair Pilates is the ultimate leveller, presenting a fair and equal challenge to all that can be done at home, in a hotel room, maybe even in an office, with very little set-up or space required.

Check out the Chair workout videos on my site and prepare to be surprised.

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