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The videos on this site are presented with short descriptions to help you find the perfect workout for you. Here are some explanations for the notations and colour coding used on the site.

Level 1: These workouts are done at a slow, mindful pace, establishing the fundamentals of core activation and incorporate simple limb and trunk movements.

Level 2: These workouts are done at a moderate pace and incorporate co-ordination and sequencing challenges. One is challenged to sustain positions for short periods.

Level 3: These workouts are performed at a moderate to brisk pace. Co-ordination, strength and stamina are further challenged. The exercises incorporate smooth transitions from posture to posture, with limited rest periods.

Mixed level: These workouts offer options for all levels of practitioners as you can adjust the workouts to your ability. Amongst Pilates Instructors it is accepted that even experienced practitioners benefit when they sometimes take their practice ‘down a notch’ and focus on the fundamentals of Pilates. Often we lose the essence of our workouts when we focus too much on ‘higher, faster, harder’. So go ahead and try these – you might be surprised by the results!

Beginners: If you are a Pilates novice or have limited Pilates experience, this category of video is for you.

Experienced: For the purpose of this website, ‘Experienced’ practitioners are those who are very familiar with the fundamentals of Pilates and have the strength and stamina to maintain core activation in supine lying with the legs in the air. One should also be able to bear one’s own weight through the hands in a plank position. Experienced practitioners are at times in the website further divided into Intermediate (level 2) and Advanced (Level 3) categories.

Seniors: This category is not about pigeon-holing people by age. The ‘senior’ body has exercise requirements that are quite particular to it – osteoporosis prevention, postural awareness, hip and shoulder strengthening. Therefore the Seniors category has been included to guide you to workouts that target these areas.

Post-Natal: You need to be 6 weeks post natural delivery or 10 weeks post C-section to perform these exercises. You also need to have been cleared by your Physician for returning to exercise. Remember that the post-natal period presents unique physical challenges, such as Diastasis Recti, Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction etc, so you should only perform exercises that you are certain are appropriate for your own unique circumstances.

Now go ahead, get exercising and feel good!!!


“Change happens through movement and movement heals”



Joseph Pilates