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Hi, I am Caroline Chambers

Pilates Instructor and founder of My Pilates Partner

Like you, I have many identities – Mum, wife, homemaker, amateur chef, running enthusiast. Career-wise, I have built up a steady following as a Pilates Instructor and Chartered Physiotherapist in Dublin, Ireland over the last two decades.

My original Pilates training was with Stott Pilates in Dublin, Oxford and New York. They were great years spent traveling and soaking up Pilates knowledge and experience from the best in the industry.

Since the arrival of my children I have continued to study and learn, although closer to home. Fortunately for me Dublin has become a hub for expert Pilates training and the internet has also brought superb Pilates teacher tutorials right to me in a way I could not have imagined twenty years ago.

My understanding of the body was originally informed by my Physiotherapy training and career, where I gained an insight into the limitations of living with pain and restrictions. It was not until I subsequently trained as a Pilates Instructor that I began to truly understand the nuances of how the body works, both in times of health and ill-health. Subsequently, my new life as a Mum (pregnancy, breast-feeding, carrying babies, being a mule for everyone’s school bags, being a Mum-taxi, lifting my children’s bikes…the list is endless ) also added to my understanding of what we demand of our bodies everyday. All told, my three occupations of Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor & Mother have fueled my curiosity and drive to understand how the body works and what works best for it.

I have always loved to move and I feel fortunate that I get to exercise as part of my workday. That said, even when I teach Pilates classes, I still like to do my own home practice, whether it be a ten minute wake-up routine in the morning or a longer toning session at the weekend. In fact, as I tell my running buddies, a run just doesn’t feel as good if I haven’t done my 15 minute Pilates mat session first.

Before I became an Instructor I used to attend some great Pilates classes in Dublin and I’d find myself wishing that I could remember the moves at home….when on my own I could still hear the Instructor’s voice correcting my shoulder position etc, but I’d find that I could never remember enough of the exercises to constitute a decent work-out at home. This, and the realisation that there must be a way to ease the pressure points in people’s schedules and still encourage a healthy life style lead to me establishing My Pilates Partner.

With My Pilates Partner I hope to facilitate my clients to take ownership of their own exercise schedule, to recognise that exercise and mindful awareness of the body isn’t just for the once a week visit to the Pilates Studio. Instead, it can be part of your daily routine – anytime and anywhere.

I teach privates and group classes in Dublin, and hope to continue to do so for a long time. If you are ever in Dublin, come join me in a class, then take the experience home with you through My Pilates Partner.

Since March 16th 2020 all my live classes (privates and groups) are being taught via Zoom. This is because of the recommendations from the Irish Government regarding social distancing and slowing the spread of COVID-19 in our community. The group class schedule is posted below. At this time, its essential that we exercise to stay physically and mentally well and I’m delighted that technology allows my regular clients to exercise together and keep to their usual schedule.  It’s also been a thrill to be able to teach new clients from afar, thanks to the accessibility of Zoom. Its going well for my clients and me, even though we do miss the social interaction. I hope to return to the studios in due course, while still keeping an online presence through this site and Zoom.

To book a private or group Zoom session, you can contact me through the contact page or any of the social media links on this site.

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“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions and have a completely different body in thirty sessions”



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